Object development

We preserve architectural history – and make historical buildings fit for the future. The preservation of valuable real estate is our passion. Our knowledge and our decades of experience put  our expertise to work.

The preservation of historic buildings in compliance with the latest technical standards is no contradiction to us. Rather, one depends on the other. Latest technology makes it possible to preserve the works of old master builders. With modern methods, we conserve the building structure and fabrics for today´s use, and also for future generations. We have worked with the products of the renowned company Remmers for a long time.

As a diversified company, we have the best contacts to experts. We are part of a large network of specialists. Architects, structural engineers and civil engineers in Poland and Germany are among them. We cooperate trustfully with the monument authorities in Germany and Poland. This cooperation ensures that historic buildings are made fit for the present and for the future. Tradition and modern functionality – that is our mission.