About Us

BMK Bau-Immobilien- und Projektentwicklung GmbH Berlin engages in planning, selling, renting of real estate in Germany and Poland.

We work with a diversity of specialist companies. Our partner is the WG Group. Waldemar Mateja, our civil engineer, decends from a family long specialized in renovating and reconstructing historical buildings. Preserving worthy buildings for the future has been the goal of the family Mateja for three generations. Examples of these projects are: the monastery of St. Anne Mountain in Leschnitz as well as the basilica Jasiona, a monastery in Kudowa.

Kristina Benning is our CEO and also investor. Her family runs a medium-sized family business in the 3rd generation. She is responsible for the administration and organization of BMK as well as the coordination of our partner companies, which are involved in renovating and reconstructing.

Thomas Krajczy is also CEO and investor of BMK. He has decades of experience in sales and sales management.